Saladino Cordless Orange

Description / Features

Innovative and completely redesigned, Saladino cordless is the cordless vegetable slicer that can be carried anywhere, is versatile in the preparation of vegetables and easy to use. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery it is ideal for preparing and slicing directly onto the plate. Equipped with a complete set of four discs in stainless steel, it easily slices any vegetable. Furthermore, each accessory can be easily removed and washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

  • Fine slicer stainless steel disc
  • Thick slicer stainless steel disc
  • Julienne slicer stainless steel disc
  • Corrugated slicer stainless steel disc
  • Super Power rechargeable battery (up to 4kgs of carrots)
  • Transformer with plug for direct recharging
  • Conformity markings: CE, Nemko